Togo puts in place an inter-ministerial committee to prevent and fight terrorism, Togo First

Togo puts in place an inter-ministerial committee to prevent and fight terrorism, Togo First

Affiliated organization: Togo First

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Date of publication: 16 May 2019

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Lomé has put in place an inter-ministerial team to fight terrorism. This is as the terrorist threat rises and after France marked ‘red’ part of north of Togo and Benin, which shares a border with Burkina Faso where about ten jihadi groups operate.

The inter-ministerial committee for prevention and fight against violent extremism (CIPLEV) mainly aims at eliminating or considerably reducing the propagation of violent extremism by giving grassroots communities the tools and support they need to fight this plague

indicates the statement of the ministers’ council held Wednesday.

The new unit will also help “boost cooperation and collaboration between the administration and defense forces, for effective prevention and fight.” It regroups representatives of the concerned ministry’s departments, opinion leaders and the civil society.

Besides the committee, the bill on internal security announced by President Gnassigbé last April 26 was adopted May 15.

“The present bill on internal security is an ordinary law aimed at giving executive power tools needed to counter new threats to security, while at the same time ensuring balance between public freedoms and preservation of public security and constitutional order,” the government said.

While Togo is so far spared by terrorists, security was reinforced following an alert given by Burkinabe authorities and as a result, last month, twenty suspected armed terrorists coming from Burkina Faso were arrested.